Team TMA Chicago Contest Details!


Team Take Massive Action Contest Details!

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Here are the Contest Details

Here are the details of our NEW Team Take Massive Action Contest!

First and foremost, EVERYBODY WINS just buy purchasing your Chicago Conference Ticket! Not only do you get to experience the BEST event of the year, but you also qualify for a special training vault of contest-based training modules to help you rank higher on the leaderboards!

To get access to this training vault, simply forward a copy of your Chicago conference ticket to [email protected]

We will be adding this new bonus section to our team site shortly. Thank you for your patience! Now here are the details of the prizes and contest guidelines…


- Invitation to an Exclusive VIP Brainstorming Chat with Top Leaders in our Private Hotel Suite in Chicago during one of the nights of the Get Money Event. (Plus you get to bring a guest!)
- On-Stage Recognition at Team TMA Party in Chicago
- Featured on New Team Website until Next Contest!


- All of the top 25 prizes plus:
- Full Page Magazine Ad Co-Op for Top 10 Contest Winners (Details Below)
- Award Presented on Stage at Team Event in Chicago
- You can be a Guest Speaker on our Team Conference Call (optional)

1st PRIZE:

- All of the top 10 prizes plus:- $1,000 CASH & Top Award Presented on Stage at Team Event in Chicago
- “Power of Positioning” Branding Package! (explained below)
- 10-Minute Talk On-Stage at Team Party in Chicago (optional)

The #1 winner of the Team TMA Chicago Contest will win this amazing branding package to help you have more success in your marketing efforts and help you create more “power” with this awesome social proof!

Team TMA will brand you as the #1 contest winner on our team and give you the following:

- Custom Graphics highlighting you as the contest winner (use them on your blog, in your emails, on your FB profile, in your advertising, etc.)

- You will be Featured on the FB Group Cover Photo for 1 full week!

- Personalized Testimonials from Chris Record, Lawrence Tam, Layla Black, Toby Black, Arthur Tubman, Peter Sorensen, and other leaders to use in your marketing efforts. We will edify you like crazy!

- Custom Header Designed for your EN Blog highlighting your success!

- Featured prominently on our new team website that launches in April, and it will last until the next EN event contest!

- Professional Picture of Award Presented to you on stage at our team event in Chicago!


The top 10 winners of our Team Chicago Contest, as well as ALL members who have earned more than $100,000 in total commissions by April 30th 2013 Midnight ET will be part of an exciting full page magazine ad co-op headed up by Chuck Marshall.

We will take pictures at the Chicago event to use in this co-op, so you must be in attendance in order to be featured in the pictures. Then, Chuck Marshall will use his connections with a top home based business magazine to get us a full page spread for our team!

All of the leads will be rotated evenly to members of the co-op!

Keep in mind this type of ad campaign is “quality over quantity”, and Team TMA will be covering the cost of the entire advertisement!

All you have to do is qualify as a top 10 winner in this contest, or qualify with over $100,000 in total EN commissions by the end of April to be included in this co-op.


Here are the qualification guidelines:

1) You Must Own Your Chicago Ticket and send in proof of purchase to [email protected]

2) You Must have (Team Take Massive Action) added to your last name on EN profile.

3) We will choose the Top 25 people from Team TMA on the Empower Network Competition Leaderboard when the contest ends on April 16th. (Contest Details are in your EN Back Office).

4) Excluded from this contest are: Chris Record, Layla Black, Toby Black, Lawrence Tam, Chuck Marshall, Peter Sorensen & Arthur Tubman. They will each have a spot in the magazine co-op, but will not be elegible for any of the contest prizes mentioned above. This means more opportunity for YOU to WIN this contest!

5) Any unethical marketing, breaking of the EN terms or cheating will result in disqualification and the prize will be given to the next winner in line.


EVERYBODY WINS – Just by owning your Chicago Ticket, you will get access to a special tab on our team site with BONUS training to help you grow your business! Buy your ticket TODAY and email proof to [email protected] to get access!