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Team Take Massive Action 6 Week Masters Bootcamp

This is a BONUS training put together by leaders in Team Take Massive Action who want to rewards fellow team members who have purchased the MASTERS COURSE PRODUCT with Empower Network!

As soon as you purchase the Masters Course product ($3500), then email proof of your Masters Course purchase to [email protected] and we will grant you access to this awesome bootcamp training! You will get an email response from us within 72 hours.

On top of this powerful 6-week Bootcamp, you will also get access to our additional Masters Course Bonuses including our previous 5-Week Masters Bootcamp, our Super Women Elite Program, and additional resources and training provided on our team site.

Welcome to the MASTERS COURSE!

Here is a breakdown of this 6-Week Bootcamp:

*Masters Course Bootcamps Are Available In The Membership Area Of Our Team Site Under The Masters Bootcamp Tab*

This 6-week Bootcamp will take place between June 5th and July 10th, 2013

Main Training Sessions every Wednesday at 9:00pm ET

  1. June 5th
  2. June 12
  3. June 19
  4. June 26th
  5. July 3rd
  6. July 10th

LIVE Follow Up Homework Review, Feedback, & Q&A every Sunday at 9:00pm ET

  1. June 9th
  2. June 16th
  3. June 23rd
  4. June 30th
  5. July 7th

Structure For The Boot Camp Session:

  • Each Week Students Will Be Given Homework Assignments
  • People Will Be Grouped in 2-4 People For Accountability
  • Each Group Do Their Own Weekly Accountability Call
  • Every Sunday Night There Will Be Homework Review & Q/A Feedback

The Six Week Sessions

  1. Well Formed Outcome (Wednesday, June 5th, 2013)
    • Mindset of a leader, incorporating launch marketing strategies to your existing network, how to market to Facebook friends to get results fast. Make money now while learning internet marketing, how to make your money back in 30 days or less
  2. Video Marketing (Wednesday, June 12th, 2013)
    • Part 1 –  Basic structure of an effective video – creating confidence, power and posture, making compelling videos. Adding value to your list through videos.
    • Part 2 – How to market your videos
  3. Blogging w/Video (Wednesday, June 19th, 2013)

    • How to turn your videos into SEO optimized blog posts, syndicate the video blog post, get it rank it, etc
  4. Contest Crusher (Wednesday, June 26th, 2013)

    • Promoting and building for events, leveraging the contest, getting team engaged with the contest, creating contests for your team within our Team TMA Contest, cultivating future leaders, etc
  5. FB Fan Page Method (Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013)

    • Ninja marketing strategies from Arthur Tubman
  6. How to Maximize The Denver Experience (Wednesday, July 10th, 2013)
    • What you should be doing, what to do personally, what to do for your team, how to get the most marketing leverage pics and videos, getting people primed to go all in, etc
    • Wrapping It All Up – What’s Next – The Future


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